Reviewing Kindergarten Skills with >> Candy Shop Challenges!

Lollipop, lollipop, ohhh lolli, lollipop! A couple years ago (at the beginning of the Escape Room craze), I created these printable Candy Shop challenges to wrap up the skills I taught in Kindergarten Summer School. Students complete each station to “save the Candy Shop”! Skills included:Candy Jar Teen NumbersPeppermint Sight WordsJelly Bean Addition / NumberContinue reading “Reviewing Kindergarten Skills with >> Candy Shop Challenges!”

The Adventures of Teaching Money.. Digitally!

Money can’t buy happiness… but teaching money through distance learning can buy you a headache! Luckily, I taught money prior quarantine 2020, but created digital resources to review. 1st grade teachers know counting a collection of coins is a super HARD skill to teach and even more difficult to get the skill to “stick”! IfContinue reading “The Adventures of Teaching Money.. Digitally!”