Numbers to 12

FROM SUBITIZING TO ADDING! This bundle consists of 8 units specific to numbers 5-12 – all with a unique and immersive theme! Each number unit builds in difficulty level: represent number with objects, numeral and number word decompose number to discover the addends practice activities to retain the addends solve for missing addends  related addition/subtractionContinue reading “Numbers to 12”

Reviewing Kindergarten Skills with >> Candy Shop Challenges!

Lollipop, lollipop, ohhh lolli, lollipop! A couple years ago (at the beginning of the Escape Room craze), I created these printable Candy Shop challenges to wrap up the skills I taught in Kindergarten Summer School. Students complete each station to “save the Candy Shop”! Skills included:Candy Jar Teen NumbersPeppermint Sight WordsJelly Bean Addition / NumberContinue reading “Reviewing Kindergarten Skills with >> Candy Shop Challenges!”

Hands – On Money!

Teaching kiddos to master identifying and counting money requires 1) ultimate patience 2) manipulatives 3) games and repetition 4) catchy songs and poems! If you’re looking for the DIGITAL resources for distance learning, click here for this blog post! In a regular classroom setting, we spend a week on identifying coins/values.Examples of activities to introduceContinue reading “Hands – On Money!”

The Adventures of Teaching Money.. Digitally!

Money can’t buy happiness… but teaching money through distance learning can buy you a headache! Luckily, I taught money prior quarantine 2020, but created digital resources to review. 1st grade teachers know counting a collection of coins is a super HARD skill to teach and even more difficult to get the skill to “stick”! IfContinue reading “The Adventures of Teaching Money.. Digitally!”

Workin’ on Number Words!

One challenge I’ve consistently seen with entering 1st graders is reading number words! The first few weeks of school is the perfect time to give ample opportunities to recognize, read, and spell those tricky number words. This skill goes hand-in-hand with the critical subitizing practice (recognizing a given number without counting) and number sense neededContinue reading “Workin’ on Number Words!”