Reviewing Kindergarten Skills with >> Candy Shop Challenges!

Lollipop, lollipop, ohhh lolli, lollipop!
A couple years ago (at the beginning of the Escape Room craze), I created these printable Candy Shop challenges to wrap up the skills I taught in Kindergarten Summer School.

Students complete each station to “save the Candy Shop”!
Skills included:
Candy Jar Teen Numbers
Peppermint Sight Words
Jelly Bean Addition / Number Words
Sorting/Graphing using Color Words
Sticky Punctuation

(version also included without punctuation
if that’s too difficult for your set of kiddos)

Just add peppermints (printable peppermint letters also given!), jelly bean for manipulatives and candies that can be sorted by color words and graphed. The kids had SO much reviewing Kinder skills.. this also worked beautifully to wrap up the first few weeks of 1st grade!

Organization & Management:
Stations can be easily set up in different spaces in the classroom. I spread out butcher paper on tables and brought any candy-jar-like containers I had at my house. Creating a candy store can be as easy or elaborate as you like!

I show the introductory slide to hook them into “saving the Candy Shop” and number the students off to grouped them in their first station. If they complete the challenge in the time given, I check their Candy Shop Challenge checklist. They rotate with their group to the next station. The students that complete all the challenges (“save the Candy Shop”) get a sweet treat at the end! We celebrate with some Candy Shop themed dances so the other students can have time to complete stations and get their reward. 🙂

Now, we find ourselves in the summer of 2020 and prepping for the unknown. As of now, in Texas, we have heard students will be given the option of physical or virtual attendance.

These can be sent out via Google Slides, PPT, or Seesaw. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we will be in the regular classroom, so there’s also QR codes linked to the Google Slides for easy classroom use!

Students have 7 levels to master in the virtual Candy Shop to save the store from being sold and becoming the Candy Shop Master!

Level 1: Teen Numbers
Most levels have a teaching video/song embedded to reinforce the skill prior to the digital practice. Review videos have been so valuable in my other digital resources during distance learning!
ALL levels have movable pieces for students to manipulate in Google Slides, Seesaw and PPT.

Level 2: Peppermint Sight Words
Students review sight words (that are generally introduced in Kinder)
by reading, writing, building with peppermint candy letters
and using in a sentence.

Sight words used: and, are, have, the, what, said

Level 3: Color Word Sort & Comparing Numbers
The level starts by reinforcing color words with an embedded video,
4 digital interactive slides follow:
sorting candies by color words, counting totals, and answering questions to compare numbers.

P.S. This level is listed separately in TPT as a FREEBIE! Click here to see. 🙂

Level 3: Color Words & Comparing Numbers

Level 4: Jelly Bean Addition & Number Words
Three videos embedded to review addition reading number words!
6 interactive practice slides to use jelly beans to add numbers to 12,
3 practice slides to sort addition facts on jelly beans by
their number word sum.

Level 4: Jelly Bean Addition
3 embedded videos + 9 interactive practice slide

Level 5: Letter Sound Lollipops
Reviewing letter sounds is a must before diving head first into 1st grade phonics curriculum! When students enter Level 6, they will review letter sounds with 2 Jack Hartmann videos and practice identifying pictures with the given beginning sound on 12 slides.
Two review slides provided to assess!

Level 6: Missing Short Vowel Gumballs
Practice identifying the middle sound in CVC words by manipulating candy letters and finding the matching gumball in 15 interactive slides!

Level 7 : Candy Punctuation
The final level is the most difficult:
understanding the three types of punctuation!
There are 3 videos embedded and 16 practice slides to help reinforce
the functions of period, question mark and exclamation point.
Each punctuation mark has a candy shape!

The Google Slides would be perfect for introducing punctuation marks whole group virtually or in the physical classroom.

All the levels are mastered! Now what?
My students usually love to celebrate all the things
with a dance party!
Three videos embedded in Google Slides with candy themed dance/songs!
Directions included for Seesaw users to send out to specific students through Seesaw without having to post another assignment.

Click here to see Digital Candy Shop Challenges in my TPT store..
over 100 digital slides total!

Whether you want to integrate these into a Family Fun Night and use “escape room” style, send these levels out throughout a week of distance learning, or use in class as a day in a Candy Shop to review & assess skills – the goal is to have fun in whatever teaching situation this finds you in!
<3 Jillian Duguid

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