The Adventures of Teaching Money.. Digitally!

Money can’t buy happiness…
but teaching money through distance learning can buy you a headache!
Luckily, I taught money prior quarantine 2020, but created digital resources to review. 1st grade teachers know counting a collection of coins is a super HARD skill to teach and even more difficult to get the skill to “stick”!

If you’re looking for hands on activities for the regular classroom, click here!

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NOW, what if you’re locked into distance learning?! OR need/want digital supplements to practice independently at home or in the classroom?

Iā€™m hoping the key to making sure my firsties are ready for 2nd grade is providing digital resources they WANT to master! Each resource is a different adventure!

Activity #1: Money Race
Practice Identifying Coins & Value
with a self-checking slideshow!
20 self-checking task cards! If students answer correctly, they move “forward” in the race. If they answer incorrectly, they are directed to one of 10 reteaching videos (videos reteach specific incorrect answers). YouTube videos are catchy favorites I’ve used in my classroom to help reinforce names and values! When the students come to the end of the race, they see the visual of the finish line and trophy!

Perfect to target & review skills needed! YAY for finding ways to close the gaps in distance learning!

P.S. I’ve made all my latest digital activities compatible with Google Slides and Seesaw! I’ve decided through COVID19 distance learning, Seesaw is AMAZING for primary kiddos. So easy to use for students and teachers!
These self-checking slideshows use Google Slides to operate, but I’ve embedded them within the preloaded Seesaw activities. However, the students do need to be logged into a Google account to access.

Digital & Interactive Practice
Review Identifying Coins & Value
using movable coins, text boxes and word banks
to complete digital “coin logs” for each coin!

Students show their mastery of identifying coins/values with “Cover the Coins” activity. Move transparent, colored counters with labeled coin names or value over pictures of the coins. Sort of like “color by code”, but digital & interactive style!

Activity #2: Collecting & Skip Counting Coins
Practice skip counting collections of like coins
with a self-checking slideshow!
 3-4 self-checking task cards for pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. If students answer correctly, they move “forward” in the race. If they answer incorrectly, they are directed to one of 8 reteaching YouTube videos (videos reteach specific incorrect answers). When the students come to the end of the race, they have a dance break with video!

Digital & Interactive Practice
Reinforce counting collections of coins with
11 slides of interactive practice!
X Marks the Spot – Drag and drop Xs on the chests that show the designated number
Fill the Chest – Drag and drop coins into the chest to equal the total
How Many? – Skip count the coins and use the given text boxes to enter the totals

Activity #3: Scuba Diving to Find & Count Mixed Coins
Review/introduce strategies for counting mixed coins
with a 34 slide self-checking slideshow!
Videos embedded throughout resource to teach & review ordering coins from greatest to least prior to skip counting to find the total.

After modeling how to count a collection of coins, students practice the skill by “renting” scuba gear to go scuba diving.
Short video clips embedded to explain functions of gear and
then students select the group of coins that equal the total on the price tag!

Slideshow ends with a one minute “peek under the sea” to show the perspective of scuba divers!

Interactive Digital Practice: Find, Count & Compare Mixed Coins
Instructional review video to begin each section of practice!
Diving, Finding Counting:
7 scuba diving themed slides to practice “finding” coins,
dragging & dropping in order from greatest to least and
using text boxes to skip count to total!
Comparing Coins with Sea Creatures:
7 ocean themed slides to practice dragging and dropping the > or < sign to compare the sets of coins.

End with a Virtual Field Trip!
Students “explore” the coral reef & the deepest part of the ocean with videos! Seesaw activity included for students to draw and label the sea life they saw on their “trip”.

I’ve bundled all the “money adventures” together in this growing bundle! PFL adventure coming soon.. šŸ™‚
Click on the image to see the bundle in my store!

Happy digital learning adventures to you and your students!
– Jillian

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